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It's been 25 years since the National Theatre first staged Angels in America - the most important play to come out of the 20th century.

In our world-exclusive interview and shoot with the cast of Angels in America, debuting at the National Theatre this July, we discuss the political and cultural parallels between then and now, the evergreen relevance of Angels in America and the importance of coming out and living with pride.

Elsewhere in the issue, TOWIE's Charlie King, who is also our resident fitness guru, gets you festival ready with a focus on upper body workouts, and James Haskell, former Gay Times cover star and international rugby icon, takes us through the new fitness craze, F45.

Also, gay sex in Karachi, Pakistan's largest city; Steps take us through their 'gay-tastic' new album; homophobia in football; men who make money from men they barely know; Lucie Jones sticks her hand in our sweetie jar; Romy and Michele turns 20; Megan Mullaly on Karen Walker; and Todrick Hall on Broadway.

The issue is packed - as usual - with opinion, travel, style and fitness.

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